Annabelle Comes Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Date: Friday June 21st, 2019
  1. Doll Opening
  2. cemetery pulls
  3. it's the Doll
  4. Doll container
  5. Annabelle Comes Home
  6. cross keepsake
  7. priest follows
  8. no secrets
  9. locked away
  10. artifact room
  11. Doll drops
  12. lost somebody
  13. life somehow
  14. led to Doll
  15. miss me
  16. sometimes see things
  17. feely Meely
  18. gone missing
  19. bedtime tale
  20. artifact leading
  21. you did this
  22. Doll slumber
  23. cathode force
  24. drawn by voices
  25. coins roll
  26. the Ferryman
  27. color wheel
  28. wants a soul
  29. red eyed hunt
  30. armor tells
  31. haunting compel
  32. locked behind glass
  33. talk somewhere else
  34. birthday made
  35. good out there
  36. wheel traces doll

Doll Opening cemetery pulls it's the Doll Doll container Annabelle Comes Home cross keepsake priest follows no secrets locked away artifact room Doll drops lost somebody life somehow led to Doll miss me sometimes see things feely Meely gone missing bedtime tale artifact leading you did this Doll slumber cathode force drawn by voices coins roll the Ferryman color wheel wants a soul red eyed hunt armor tells haunting compel locked behind glass talk somewhere else birthday made good out there wheel traces doll