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Hi my name is Katie and I work here at WaterTower Music on the Warner Bros lot. Throughout the summer I am going through our newest scores and soundtracks to give you an inside look at some of my favorite tracks, artists, and composers. This blog will have info for every type of music lover. For our newcomers it is a great way to introduce yourselves to the world of scores and soundtracks without getting overwhelmed by the size of some of the larger albums. 

Today’s topic is “Wonder Woman” and if you’re anything like me then you physically ran to go see it as soon as it hit theaters. Between the costumes, directing, music, and Gal Gadot’s incredible performance I was glued to my seat clutching my popcorn for the entire film. For this score I chose my five favorite tracks which was a challenge. Rupert Gregson-Williams delivered nothing but the absolute best for this film.

1. “Amazons of Themyscira" 

The first song on my list happens to be the first song on the album titled “Amazons of Themyscira". 
Right off the bat you’re hit with those four famous chords as a nod to Wonder Woman’s incredible theme song, I don’t know about you but I got chills. This song perfectly encompasses the vast beauty of Themyscira along with the incredible strength and bravery of it’s inhabitants.

2. “Ludendorff, Enough!”

This next track is titled “Ludendorff, Enough!” and it is the perfect track for all of our villain fans out there. The track begins low and slow forming an eerie atmosphere around the listener. As the track continues the intensity builds, creating the chest rumbling bass that every music fan loves. There’s a surprising change of pace in the middle of this track that you won’t want to miss.

3. “No Man’s Land”

Much like the scene in which it is named after, my next track is an emotional journey. “No Man’s Land” is an absolute powerhouse of a song and is my favorite on the entire album. This track does an incredible job of showcasing Wonder Woman as a whole. It features all aspects of her personality from the awe-inspiring fearless hero all the way to the empathetic woman who is insistent on saving the world.

4. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”

My next track is for anyone looking to upgrade the intensity of their gym playlist. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath” is a totally awesome kick butt song that can get anyone’s heart racing. 

5. “To Be Human”

The last track on my list is the final track on the album titled “To Be Human”. This song is by Grammy nominated Sia featuring Labrinth and its as great as expected. The duo creates a vocal dream team and the lyrics perfectly reflect the theme of love and humanity projected throughout the movie.

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-Katie .L

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