Godzilla - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: Tuesday May 13th, 2014
  1. Godzilla!
  2. Inside The Mines
  3. The Power Plant
  4. To Q Zone
  5. Back to Janjira
  6. Muto Hatch
  7. In The Jungle
  8. The Wave
  9. Airport Attack
  10. Missing Spore
  11. Vegas Aftermath
  12. Ford Rescued
  13. Following Godzilla
  14. Golden Gate Chaos
  15. Let Them Fight
  16. Entering The Nest
  17. Two Against One
  18. Last Shot
  19. Godzilla's Victory
  20. Back To The Ocean

Godzilla! Inside The Mines The Power Plant To Q Zone Back to Janjira Muto Hatch In The Jungle The Wave Airport Attack Missing Spore Vegas Aftermath Ford Rescued Following Godzilla Golden Gate Chaos Let Them Fight Entering The Nest Two Against One Last Shot Godzilla's Victory Back To The Ocean